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Short bio Yalda Jamshidi

Name: Dr Yalda JamshidiUntitled.jpg

Position: Senior Lecturer in Human Genetics

Research Centre: Human Genetics, St George's University of London



Since starting my PhD in 1998 much of my research has been in the genetics of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors.

I have published over 40 original papers, and have had research funding from the British Heart Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, St George's Charitable Trust and other small charities.

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Education and have taught molecular biology and genetics at BM, BSc and PhD/MD levels. I initiated and have been running a popular final year module on stem cells, cloning and regenerative medicine since 2008.


Before joining St George’s as an academic I was a postdoctoral fellow at Kings College London (Dr Sandra O’Dell) and the Institute of Child Health (Prof D Latchman). During that time I concentrated on the molecular genetics of cardiovascular related traits such as obesity (KCL) and cardiac hypertrophy (ICH). As part of the early candidate gene studies for BMI and leptin we identified a number of genes in the leptin pathway as being associated with body weight and lipid profile. Whilst at ICH I investigated the signaling pathways involved in cardiac hypertrophy using in vitro cell culture models in primary cardiomyocytes.

a long time ago…..

I have a BSc (Hons) degree from University College London in Human Genetics. In 2002 I received my PhD entitled the “Role of PPARa in coronary heart disease and cardiac hypertrophy” from the Rayne Institute, UCL (supervisors Dr Dave Flavell, Prof Steve Humphries). Prior to completing my Ph.D., I was a visiting student in Prof Bart Staels group at the Pasteur Institute, Lille, France.


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